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There is great misunderstanding around the subject of passion, is most people associate it being primarily a feeling. Life, however, is unpredictable and our circumstances are in a constant state of change. This can lead to our emotions and feelings being an unreliable fuel source for passion. A better solution is to make up our mind, regardless of how we feel, to make choices every day that create healthy habits for us and make a difference in the lives of the people around us.


Judges 3:31 - After Ehud came Shamgar son of Anath, who struck down six hundred Philistines with an oxgoad. He too saved Israel.

Judges 5:6 - In the days of Shamgar son of Anath, in the days of Jael, the highways were deserted and the travelers took the byways.

Main Idea

In the above text, we are introduced to the character of Shamgar. Shamgar was an Old Testament Judge for the nation of Israel.  During his time, his people was under constant threat and oppression from various nations.  One particular day, with no other recorded reason or spark, Shamgar made up his mind to fight for the freedom and protection of his people.  With very little resources at his disposal, he was able to win a great victory that is still talked about to this day.  The key to his victory was a made up mind. 

 It can become easy to fall into the trap that in order for us to win great victories, we must “rev ourselves up” or be inauthentic in order to somehow manufacture passion.  The truth is far simpler but more difficult to execute:  We simply must make up our minds.  A made up mind can overcome any obstacle, even when setbacks occur.  A made up mind will endure to the end.  A made up mind generates passion that sustains.  

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Passion is my pursuit because my passion affects those who matter most (He too saved Israel).
Our passion, based on our made up mind, is an inspiration to others. We can never underestimate who is watching and who will be impacted by the choices we make. Shamgar made up his mind to fight 600 Philistines and ended up freeing an entire nation. Every choice we make has an impact farther and more widespread than we could ever imagine.

Question for group

Who in your life is / would be directly impacted for the good if you made up your mind?

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Passion is my pursuit because it's the primary element I need to create great change (….with an oxgoad).
The only resource Shamgar had to fight 600 Philistines with was an Oxgoad. An oxgoad is a essentially what we would call a Cattle Prod in our culture. This was hardly the weapon to wage war with. Shamgar was still able to win because his passion, his made up mind, overcame an obstacles. We can learn from this. Too often we take our ability to create great change strictly based on the resources that we have at hand. We limit ourselves when God has more for our lives so long as we choose to believe. Do you want to affect great change? Make up your mind to do so and hold on, even when obstacles are in your way.

Question for group

What great change are you currently led to make? What are you waiting for?

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Passion is my pursuit because freedom from my past is but one choice away (…..Shamgar son of Anath).
The names Shamgar and Anath seem unimportant but they actually tell us a lot about the environment Shamgar was raised in. Shamgar is translated to “stranger” or “outsider.” Anath is translated to “Fountain” or “Eye.” Most scholars believe that his name was in reference to some of the pagan Egyptian god’s, which would be in stark contrast to the God of Israel. Knowing this, Shamgar would seem to be an unlikely hero due to his past and his environment but yet through one choice was able to set a new direction for his life and for the nation. Because of the saving work of Jesus Christ, we are but choice away from experiencing forgiveness and freedom from our past. Who we have been and what we have done matters less than the work that Christ has done for us and our choice to walk in His freedom.

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SEPT 28 | 5:30-7:30p

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Calling all Radiant Kids and their parents! We want to invite you to a Family Fall Fest that is sure to be fun for all! This event will have numerous things to celebrate the fall season: Hay rides, games, s’mores, and more! Dinner is also provided!



OCT 12 | 2-4p

Ladies Paint Party Rad Social

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Our ladies will be painting and spending time with each other at one of our most popular Rad Socials.  Please reach out to Marquita Self for more information and cost. 



OCT 12 | 3-7p

College Football Rad Social

150 Essex Place, Forsyth  

We are invited any and all men to join us for some college football and fun community building!  We will be watching the UGA / South Carolina game, but also other national games on as well.  We will also be cooking some great food!



OCT 13 

Radiant Youth

Radiant Youth will be at Lane Southern Orchard   Immediately following the 10:00 experience, our Radiant Youth will be traveling to Lane Southern Orchard for fun and to celebrate the Fall Season.  Please see Courtney or Jacob Erikson for cost and additional details.




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Saturday August 6 // @ 6:00 pm // 

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Saturday August 6 // @ 6:00 pm // 

150 Essex Place

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